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Introducing SC Ingia

SC INGIA is a biotech company which is introducing a range of natural extracted Stevia products using novel conversion technology which delivers high purity Reb M, Reb D and specific minor stevia glycoside blends that yield improved sweetness taste, stability and natural flavor enhancements. 

The patented technology utilizes stevia leaf extraction, a simplified conversion process, separation and purification techniques coupled with advanced biotechnology to deliver natural ingredients that can be tailored to customers’ formulation, technical and quality requirements.

SC INGIA stevia ingredients (INGVIA®) are approved for use in EU and USA with a FDA GRAS notification. INGVIA® have new FEMA numbers for flavour use as a natural flavour enhancer and flavor modulator.

INGVIA” is a registered trademark held by INGIA for marketing and distribution purposes.

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SC Ingia's responsibilities

Using biotechnology to produce active ingredients from natural products. Instead of traditional plant extraction processes, we reduce the planting area used by traditional plant raw materials, save farmland and support the farmers.  Just some of our partner's social responsibility.

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With SC Ingia's novel conversion technology we deliver high quality Reb D, Reb M and custom blends not only through extraction but also through Synthetic Biology.

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Cost - Clean Taste - Performance - Compliance

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